Preoperative Clinic

What is the Preoperative Clinic?

If your child is scheduled for a surgical procedure at Nicklaus Children's, you may be referred in advance to the Preoperative Clinic to help the child's surgical preparation.
The clinic was developed to support care practice for patients who may require additional care preparation prior to surgery, including children with complex medical needs.

Benefits of the Program

During the visit you will meet members of the healthcare team. They will work together to determine any medical testing and clearances that should be obtained before the surgery date.

This extra planning will help ensure that the child has all the necessary clearances so that the surgery can take place as scheduled, eliminating delays.

Patients and families will have the opportunity to meet with the team and ask questions to ensure they are fully prepared for the procedure and the hospital experience.

What to Expect

Your appointment will include:

  • An interview with the nurse practitioner (NP) who will explain the preoperative experience.
  • A medical history review and physical examination.
  • Opportunities to ask questions about the procedure, anesthesia, and the hospital experience.
  • An anesthesiologist will examine the patient and review the medical history when indicated.
  • Referral to a specialist(s) to obtain medical clearance prior to surgery if indicated.

Our Goal

To provide safe, reliable preoperative services in a comprehensive manner to our patients and to help assure a satisfyinf surgical experience for the patient and family.

Directions to the Clinic

  • The Preoperative Clinic is located on the second floor of the hospital main campus.
  • Take the elevators in the lobby to the second floor.
  • Follow the green feet decal on the floor to the door with the "Pre OP" sign.
PreOp clinic Feet