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Orthopedics - Ryan

“Ryan and his cousin were throwing Chinese stars into a tree when Ryan's hand slipped and he cut his finger. I realized he couldn't bend his finger and rushed him to his pediatric doctor. The only doctor and hospital that would take Ryan (due to the intricate possible tendon injury) was Dr. Perlyn and Nicklaus Children's Hospital. So I drove Ryan down to Miami, about ninety minutes south. Well we got lost, but it didn’t matter because Dr. Perlyn came to the hospital to meet us! He was professional, kind, and skillful in explaining the plan of care. Ryan had tendon repair surgery that same week. As a nurse I work with many doctors and I can say Dr. Perlyn is truly one in a million! I can't thank Dr. Perlyn (and Joan-PT) enough for saving my son's dominate hand use. “
Stacey - North Loxahatchee, Fl.

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