Precision Analytics

What We Do

The Precision Analytics division of the Center for Precision Medicine includes projects and collaborations with physicians and researchers that leverage the power of genetic and health outcomes data to improve the lives of children and their families. Precision Analytics focuses on curating and sharing data within Nicklaus Children's Health System and with external partners for approved research use. The Precision Analytics program is in a unique position to lead genetics data curation and research with the diverse patient populations broadly represented within the health system.

OneFlorida+ Partnership

Precision Analytics is proud to be a part of the OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network. OneFlorida+ is a patient centered research partnership across 15 academic institutions and healthcare systems spanning Florida, and regions of Georgia and Alabama. Our overarching goal is to improve patient care and health outcomes through the implementation of innovative research findings. A key part of our participation in OneFlorida+ is our support of the Data Trust, where we transform, curate, and securely store anonymized health related data to support ongoing OneFlorida+ research studies. Our contribution to OneFlorida+ has helped advance pediatric research on various topics, such as COVID-19 recovery and long-term health.