Nicklaus Children's Biobank

Offering Hope for Healthier Futures

You and your child can contribute to scientific knowledge that can lead to improvements in healthcare management and treatment for children everywhere in the world. Learn more by clicking on the video.

girl providing a specimen sample
girl providing a specimen sample

The Future of Medicine Begins with You

The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Biobank offers a unique opportunity for you and others in our community to participate in advancing medical research to benefit the health and well-being of future generations. By contributing a small amount of blood, saliva or other sample, you can join together with Nicklaus Children’s to enhance understanding of the causes of disease and discover more effective treatments and diagnostic methods that can benefit children everywhere, leading to healthier, happier futures.

Join the Nicklaus Children's Biobank

With minimal effort, you and your child will contribute to scientific knowledge that can lead to improvements in healthcare management and treatment for children and lead to brighter tomorrows for young people everywhere. The study of biospecimens can help scientists learn:

  • How the body works
  • How disease develops and affects the body
  • How to treat diseases and conditions

If you are interested in contributing, you will be asked to review and sign an informed consent form allowing the Nicklaus Children’s Biobank to collect an extra sample during the next clinical visit, and/or store samples that are no longer needed for clinical care, along with information in your medical record.

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What is a biobank?

A biobank is similar to a library. It holds samples, known as “biospecimens,” that are provided voluntarily by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of individuals. These samples, which can include blood, saliva, tissue, stool or urine, are important to scientists, who study them to learn about elements that affect children’s health.

The Nicklaus Children's Biobank is an essential resource for personalized medicine research efforts, enabling the study of both health and disease over time. Our Biobank collects samples and health information from volunteers, regardless of health history. Once a participant becomes part of the Biobank, he or she contributes to ongoing health research.

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