Pharmacogenomics Program

We help deliver the most appropriate medication tailored to a child's unique genetic makeup.

mother giving medicine to her son with a spoon
mother giving medicine to her son with a spoon

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Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is part of the emerging field of precision medicine. It combines the sciences of pharmacology and genetics to study inherited variables in drug responses. Because a single medication is not always best for all individuals, pharmacogenomics is invaluable in helping identify the best product for each patient. 

Nicklaus Children’s Pharmacogenomics Program, the first of its kind in South Florida, is dedicated to identifying and delivering the most appropriate medication tailored to each child’s unique genetic makeup and at the optimal dose to meet individual needs.

Who Can Benefit from the Pharmacogenomics Program? 

Your child’s clinical team may refer you to the Pharmacogenomics Program if your child is taking multiple medications or is on complex drug treatments. The program can also benefit children who: 

  • Are taking medications that are not working
  • Have had adverse drug reactions or significant side effects
  • Are taking medications with PGx information on the package insert
  • Have specific ethnic backgrounds 
PGx testing is particularly useful in helping mange medications for children receiving care in the following pediatric specialties: 

What are Benefits of PGx Testing?

Pharmacogenomics can benefit the patient by: 

  • Minimizing adverse drug reactions 
  • Reducing treatment failures
  • Reducing drug switches and dose adjustments 
  • Reducing time to achieve desired treatment outcome
  • Improving patient safety
  • Reducing disease burden and related costs for patient families and health system 
  • Enabling clinicians to prescribe with more confidence 

How is Testing Conducted?

The PGx consultation and testing are done across various clinical departments throughout the enitre health system. Testing is performed by collecting saliva or a blood sample in a medical office and then sent to a reference laboratory. Results can be available within 2 weeks and are discussed by Geneticist and Pharmacist expert in pharmacogenomics.

How are Test Results Used? 

Testing results become part of the child’s medical record and are available for use by clinicians to determine the best medications and doses for the child. The results can be made available to clinicians throughout the child’s lifetime to support care. 


Pharmacogenomic testing is covered by some insurance plans depending on circumstances. Reasonable self-pay pricing is available for those who are not able to secure coverage through their insurance provider.