Chief Residents

Andrew Farias, MD

Adam Stathas, MD

Class of 2022

Eduardo Acosta, MD

Liliam Aquino Crisanto, MD

Rodrigo Cavalcante, MD

Sofia Colon Guzman, MD

Marina Dantas, MD

Melissa Diaz, MD

Eilaf Fallatah, MD

Farouk Farouk, MD

Ashley Fonseca, MD

Annette Gawron, MD

Giancarlo Giovannini Sanguineti, MD

Ana Luiza Graneiro, MD

Karen Hanze Villavicencio, MD

Patricia Jimenez, DO

Natasha Johnson, MD

Gabriel Mandel, MD

Rose Mathews, MD

Pablo Napky, MD

Jennifer Navarro, MD

Candelaria O'Farrell, MD

Elisa Prebble, MD

Claudia Riera Canales, MD

Ashish Saini, MD

Stephanie San Martin, MD

Eliana Andrea Sanchez, MD

Farimah Shariati, MD

Jacklyn Smith, MD

Eric Tano, MD

Class of 2023

Daniela Aguilar Abisad, MD

Saleh Alsulami, MD

Gelareh Aryafar, MD

Melissa Castro, MD

Jacob Convissar, MD

Jeanette Coriat, MD

Jonathan Creech

Maricarmen Dionisio

Michael Elias

Kaela Ellis, MD

Erileen Garcia Roldan

Paulina Gines

Eva Glenn

Camila Gonzalez Arragon

Nicole Jackson

Gabriela Lins

Vanessa Matamoro

Daniel McGraw

Andrea Montaño

Roxanna Navarro

Megha Patel

Karen Pettit

Alyssa Pinnock

Kevin Rodriguez Santos

Larissa Romanow

Antonia Rovira

Alejandra Sanchez

Wendy Tamayo

Marleni Regalada Torres Nuñez

Zoe Underill

Ricardo Luis Vega Auz

Amanda Wedelich

Zara Zaidi

Resident Committees


Meet Our Leaders

Beatriz Cunill-De Sautu, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Residency Program Director

Maria Behnam-Terneus, DO, FAAP
Pediatric Residency Program Associate Director

Mark Gabay, DO, FAAP
Pediatric Residency Program Associate Director

Alumni Spotlight


We are proud of the extended professional network that our program has fostered over the years throughout the US and elsewhere. We truly feel that each trainee at our hospital is a part our NCHS family during and beyond their residency. NCH alumni are represented in every field of pediatrics and have been fellowship trained at numerous highly ranked institutions throughout the country. We even have some alumni who practice internationally. Our alumni come together during specialty specific conferences to reconnect with each other and help mentor new trainees into their respective fields. Classes remain connected beyond residency though social media platforms, sharing both their personal and professional accomplishments. We are also very proud of the large number of alumni who stay at NCH after their residency training or return back to NCH after their fellowship training elsewhere. They play a special role in continuing the great tradition of teaching and mentoring our current residents and future colleagues.