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I need to make an appointment with a doctor

You can easily schedule appointments by calling 1-888-624-2778. You can also fill in an online Appointment Request Form.

I want to volunteer for the hospital

We are proud to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities in over 180 areas of the hospital and outpatient centers. Some volunteer opportunities are only available for limited times, and all persons interested in volunteer work must submit the appropriate application. For details on program availability please visit: Volunteer & Community Service.

I want to apply for jobs and careers in this organization

If you are looking to work in a unique environment that rewards you for making a difference in the lives you encounter, then Nicklaus Children's Health System is your home. Current job listings, benefits, and employee information is available at

I live outside of the United States, and would like to schedule a consultation with one of your doctors

Our multilingual concierge staff at Global Health, is specially trained to serve the unique needs of patients and families traveling from around the world in search of answers and groundbreaking treatments for their child. You can reach Global Health by calling 1-888-797-6010 or completing an International Patient Registration form.

I would like to make a donation to the hospital

If you are interested in supporting a specific program or making a monetary donation, please call Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation, the fundraising arm of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital at 305-666-2889, or visit: The Foundation's Website.

For toy donations, please view our wish list and Toy Donation Guidelines.

I need to contact my doctor's office

The MyKid’s Patient Portal offers a secure messaging platform to communicate directly with your physician’s office, as well access to prescriptions, medical history, tests results and more.
During your child’s registration process, agree to receive an email invitation to establish your portal account and follow the registration prompts.

I would like to request medical records

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is committed to protecting the rights and information of our patients and families.

Request medical records by calling 1-800-432-6837 or by submitting a mail request to: Health Information Management.

I am a medical student interested in educational programs

Nicklaus Children's Hospital offers a variety of clinical rotations, practicums, residency and fellowship programs. Learn more about becoming an intern.

There was a mistake in my billing or invoice
I have questions about my bill

For any questions regarding your financial responsibility and medical coverage please contact our Customer Service Team at 888-538-3036​ or by filling out a Billing Inquiry form.

I have a compliment or complaint about an experience I had

We welcome your feedback. Our Patient and Guest Relations department is ready to be of service in addressing your concerns.

Please reach them by calling 786-624-4400 or by filling out an online form with your concerns.

I have a general question or concern not related to the topics above

We're here to help you! We welcome all questions and strive to answer to the best of our abilities.
Please fill out a Contact Us form with your question.