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For Students

Why Intern at Nicklaus Children's Hospital?

If you are seeking a challenging and rewarding opportunity where you’ll receive:

  • Hands on experience
  • Collaboration with highly regarded professionals in the medical field
  • Possible hiring opportunities after internship completion
  • An internship among one of the top Children’s Hospitals in the nation

Then Nicklaus Children's Hospital is the place for you!

At Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, you‘ll be encouraged to think creatively, share your ideas and prove your determination for success!

Tell us what type of student you are:

High School Students

Please explore our Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities.

Nursing Students

All nursing students entering Nicklaus Children's Hospital through a program with their school. These include: Nursing Anesthesiology, Nursing Practicum, RN, Nursing Practitioner, Nursing (BS, MS, Ph.D).  Contact the Student Contract Liaison.

Clinical Students

All students enrolled and majoring in Allied Health Fields and/or other healthcare fields. These may include: Radiology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language, Pathology, Paramedics, EMT, Psychology, Audiology, Pharmacy, Sonography, Histotechnology, Respiratory Techs,  Phlebotomy, etc. Contact the Student Contract Liaison.

General Students

All students enrolled and majoring in non-patient contact fields of study:  These include:  Business Administration; Public Relations; Health Care Administration. Not available to high school students. Contact the Student Contract Liaison.



Child Life Students

Students interested in the Child Life Practicum and Internship Programs must apply via the Child Life Student Academic Coordinator. 

Graduate Students & Residents

Students interested in residency programs, fellowships and undergraduate medical education must apply by the guidelines specified by each program: Graduate Medical Education (GME), Fellowship Training Programs, Psychology Internship, Undergraduate Medical Education (UME), Evidence-Based Medicine.

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