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Nicklaus Children's Hospital Nurses Invest in the Future

Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, recognizes the importance of continuing education and professional development for our nurses, and nursing students. With this in mind, Nicklaus Children's Hospital has compiled attractive educational offerings and mentoring programs.

Nursing Student Orientation

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on beginning your nursing career and choosing Nicklaus Children's Hospital for your clinical rotation or practicum experience. Durring your time at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, you will gain a valuable and worthwhile experience with our nursing staff. We value your dedication to the nursing profession and wish you the best while you are on campus.

Before you begin you must be approved to do your rotation or practicum in Nicklaus Children's Hospital by your college or university.
Please have your schools placement coordinator Contact the Student Liason to proceed.

Available Documents

Please review this manual and submit the completed assesstment to your instructor prior to starting rotation.
  1. Nursing Student Manual
  2. Nursing Student Assessment

For High School Students

Day in the Life of a Nurse™

Day in the life of a nurseIn 1999, Nicklaus Children's Hospital staff working with other South Florida nurse leaders through the Nursing Consortium of South Florida, developed the Day in the Life of a Nurse™ program for High School students enrolled in Miami Dade County Public Schools. The program has since expanded throughout the region.  Currently, more than 2,000 public and private high school and middle school students from Tavernier to Jupiter participate in the Day in the Life of a Nurse™ program each November.

Through the Day in the Life of a Nurse™ program, students and school faculty participate in a structured visit of hosting hospitals and nursing schools to learn about the many career options in the nursing profession, what it takes to become a great nurse, and what nurses do, through lectures, shadowing experiences, tours, skill lab exercises and more.  The one-day experience is reinforced through a classroom curriculum and teacher training offered through the participating public school systems with the assistance of the Nursing Consortium of South Florida.

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