Vascular Anomalies

Also known as: vascular tumors, vascular malformation.

What are vascular anomalies?

Vascular anomalies is a broad term that refers to blood vessels (or lymphatic vessels) that grow or form in unusual way. Many birthmarks are due to vascular anomalies, but they can occur for other reasons, as well.

What causes vascular anomalies?

Many vascular anomalies are genetic disorders that children are born with. They frequently occur as a symptom related to other disorders, as well.

What are the symptoms of vascular anomalies?

The symptoms of vascular anomalies can vary widely depending on the nature and severity of the condition. Many vascular anomalies involve tangles of veins that can cause a spot or growth that is visible on the skin. Some can cause problems with circulation and other complications.

What are vascular anomalies care options?

In many cases, vascular anomalies can be repaired surgically if they are causing complications to your health.

Reviewed by: Ana Margarita Duarte, MD

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