Juvenile Dermatomyositis

Also known as: JDM

What is juvenile dermatomyositis?

Juvenile dermatomyositis is a disease that impacts the muscles and skin in children. Specifically, it causes weakness in the muscles of the hips, shoulders and neck, which leads to trouble with movement.

What causes juvenile dermatomyositis?

The exact cause of juvenile dermatomyositis is unknown. It may have something to do with the body’s own immune system attacking the muscles and skin mistakenly.


What are the symptoms of juvenile dermatomyositis?

Along with the progressive muscle weakness that leads to problems with movement, juvenile dermatomyositis also causes a rash on the face, hands, chest, elbows and knees. Difficulty swallowing, fever, fatigue, weight loss and lung problems are other symptoms of the disease.


What are juvenile dermatomyositis care options?

There is no cure for JDM but medications can help with the symptoms of the disease. Physical therapy and speech therapy can also assist people in living with the condition. Wearing sunscreen is very important for managing and preventing the rash.

Reviewed by: Yonit Sterba Rakovchik, MD

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