Little League Shoulder

Also known as: Little League syndrome, Little Leaguer’s shoulder.

What is Little League shoulder?

Little League shoulder is an injury that affects children who participate in baseball, and it most frequently affects pitchers. The condition impacts the growth plate of the shoulder and the humerus bone in affected children.

What causes Little League shoulder?

The repetitive motion of throwing a baseball is the cause of Little League shoulder. Children ages 11 to 16 are susceptible to it because they are still growing, and the growth plate is weaker than the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

What are the symptoms of Little League shoulder?

Pain, aching, swelling weakness and decreased range of motion are potential symptoms of Little League shoulder. It can gradually worsen and even cause early arthritis and bone spurs without treatment.

What are Little League shoulder care options?

A period of rest and ice followed by a physical therapy program are the primary treatments for recovering from Little League shoulder.

Reviewed by: Annie L Casta, MD

This page was last updated on: September 24, 2021 03:45 PM