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Asthma guide


Asthma is a chronic condition that can be controlled. Asthma management is easier than in the past, thanks to new medications and a greater understanding of what causes the condition.

This step-by-step guide will help people with asthma lead normal lives and avoid emergency situations.

I. Let's Get Started
Step 1: Taking control of asthma
Step 2: What is asthma?
Step 3: Know the signs
II. Diagnosis and Treatment
Step 4: How asthma is diagnosed
Step 5: The levels of severity
Step 6: Determine your goals and expectations
Step 7: Asthma drugs
Step 8: Drug delivery devices
III. Master Your Asthma
Step 9: Understand your action plan
Step 10: Make "peak flow" a habit!
Step 11: Avoid asthma triggers
Step 12: Visit your doctor regularly


A new type of drug: IgE inhibitor

Asthma and aging

Asthma fast facts

Children age 5 and under

Drug delivery devices: Metered dose inhalers and spacers

Drug delivery devices: Dry powder inhalers

Drug delivery devices: nebulizers

Drug treatment: Long-term control drugs

Drug treatment: Quick-relief drugs

Exercise-induced asthma

Inhaler propellants will be changing

Respiratory system


Related Conditions

Allergic rhinitis
Bronchitis - acute
Bronchitis - chronic

Asthma Triggers

Animal dander
Cigarette smoke
Dust mites


Action plan: Signs only

Action plan: Peak flow