Single Transverse Palmar Crease (STPC)

Also known as: single transverse palmar crease, STPC

What is simian crease?

Simian crease is an older name for a condition now more commonly called single transverse palmar crease, or STPC. It refers to a single crease across the palm of the hand. In most individuals, there are two slightly offset creases across the palm.

What might cause simian crease?

STPC occurs in about 1 out of every 30 people. In most cases, it is completely normal and is not related to a medical condition. However, it is more likely to be present in people with certain medical conditions, such as:

How can it be treated?

In most cases, no action is needed if STPC in noted on the palms.

When should you seek medical attention?

For patients with STPC, it might be a cue for their doctor to examine them more closely for any associated medical conditions.

Reviewed by: Katherine Schain, M.S., CGC

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