Craniofacial Center Genetic Counseling

baby with celft lipThe geneticist at the Craniofacial Center specialized in determining the possible reasons why your child was born with a craniofacial difference. The genetics team works with children who have congenital anomalies and/or inherited conditions. They can answer questions such as why cleft lip/palate occurs, the chances of it occurring in subsequent children, and what to expect in the future.
To help find out what might have caused your child’s craniofacial anomaly, the genetics professional will ask questions about your child’s medical and developmental history as well as at least three generations of your family history.
The geneticist and genetic counselor will also review any medical or genetic testing that your child has had previously. After reviewing all available information and performing a detailed physical examination, the genetics professional will determine if further genetic testing and/or evaluation is necessary. If a confirmed diagnosis is determined, the genetic professional will discuss what this means to your child and family’s future.

Pediatric Geneticists

Katherine Schain, MS, CGC

Genetics Counselor

Katherine Schain is a board certified genetic counselor. She has a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Florida State University and a Master of Science in Genetic Counseling from Northwestern University. She has served as the genetic counselor for the Craniofacial Center and Clinical Genetics at Nicklaus Children's Hospital since 2000 and has extensive experience in working with prenatal and pediatric populations.

Mislen S Bauer, MD

Director, Craniofacial Center
Director, Neurofibromatosis Program

Primary Office: Miami

Practice Name: Clinical Genetics Associates

Clinical Interests: Craniofacial deformities, neurofibromatosis

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