Patient Navigator Program

Guiding families through their child’s healthcare journey.

smiling nurse wearing light blue scrubs.
smiling nurse wearing light blue scrubs.

At Nicklaus Children’s, we well understand that a child’s medical diagnosis can be overwhelming for the family. Nicklaus Children’s patient navigators help guide families through the child’s healthcare journey, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. Navigators serve as points-of-contact for families and advocate for their child’s care, overcome barriers and answer questions the child and/or caregivers may have.

Our navigators are comprised of nurses and healthcare experts who serve as resources for families to help guide them through the care experience. They help access services and resources, taking into consideration specialized needs and complex cases. They assist with communicating the plan of care and provide education on next steps in the child’s treatment.

Nicklaus Children’s Patient Navigators are available in the following specialties:


Many of our patient navigators are bilingual. Nicklaus Children’s also offers translation services in multiple languages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Patient Navigators

When should I contact a patient navigator?

Patient navigators help guide families through the child’s healthcare journey, serving as points of contact for families to help answer questions, overcome any barriers to appointments, and offer guidance on the steps ahead. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has several patient navigators across many pediatric specialties for both inpatient and outpatient services.

What can a patient navigator help me with?

Patient navigators can assist with access to appointments and answer questions regarding the child’s course of treatment and next steps. They can also provide education on a new diagnosis, complex care, treatments, and much more. They work alongside the patient family, as well as other members of the healthcare team, to serve as a point of contact. Navigators advocate for the patient family and help eliminate any barriers to ensure a seamless transition to care across multiple stages in the child’s care and/or pediatric specialties.

How do I get in contact with a navigator?

To reach any patient navigator within Nicklaus Children’s call 786-624-NAVI (6284).

Will they be able to help me when my child has been discharged from the hospital?

Yes. Patient navigators assist and coordinate care for patients during the transition home after hospitalization, with follow-up care and with re-admission, if needed.

What is the difference between a case manager and a patient navigator?

Patient navigators are trained personnel who aid patients in accessing healthcare. They may be nurses, social workers, or healthcare professionals.

What is the role of a patient navigator in an inpatient hospital setting?

Patient navigators are committed to enhancing access to care for families through advocacy, education, and communication.

How can I communicate with my desired patient navigator?

Your patient navigator will work with you to establish the best form of communication that meets your needs, which can be via phone, email, or text messages.


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