Pediatric Sedation

In some cases, the examination time is too long to permit the child to try to hold still without sedation. This may be determined in advance or, can be ordered by the radiologist after your child is in the department. Pediatric sedation is only given by a sedation-qualified physician and/or nurse.

While the amount and type of sedation is determined upon arrival by your child's size/weight and age, there are general guidelines for pediatric sedation preparation.

Pediatric Sedation Guidelines for Preparation for Elective Non-Emergency Procedures


Infants 0 to 6 months:

  • Formula without cereal until six (6) hours before the procedure
  • Breast milk until four (4) hours before procedure
  • Clear liquids (apple juice, Gatorade or water) until two (2) hours before the procedure 

Ages 6 months to 10 years:

  • Solid foods, milk or formula until eight (8) hours before the procedure
  • Clear liquids (apple juice, Gatorade, water) until two (2) hours before the procedure

Ages over 10 years:

  • No solid foods or milk after midnight unless otherwise instructed
  • Clear liquids (apple juice, Gatorade, water) until two (2) hours before the procedure
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