Follow-up Visits

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You will have a significant number of surgeon clinic visits during your TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME device treatment. Be sure to discuss this with the home-based team member who is helping you during treatment.

During the lengthening/correction phase, you may visit the clinic every two weeks so that your surgeon can monitor how you are progressing.

During the consolidation phase, you may visit the clinic once a month. Office visits may range from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on what work or evaluations need to be performed.

Follow-up visits may include:

  • Measuring the distraction amount since your last visit.
  • Assessing the range of motion of the joints above and below the external fixator for contractures. Contractures occur when the joint is not exercised. Without exercise the tendons and muscles shorten causing joint deformity, stiffness, limited mobility and pain.
  • Checking the pin sites for inflammation or infection.
  • Checking the external fixator frame for loose wires, nuts and bolts.
  • Taking X-Rays to check the rate and progress of the lengthening/correction and assess the quality of the new bone growth.

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