Family Resource Specialists (FRS)

What is a Family Resource Specialist?

Each local Early Steps office is required to have Family Resource Specialists (FRS) involved in their local area. An FRS is a family member of a child who received early intervention services or would have been eligible for early intervention services.
The FRS is a resource for families served through the local Early Steps and serves as a community link to support family centered efforts and activities within each local Early Steps. The FRS advocates for Early Steps families by expressing the views, perspectives and needs conveyed by families. The FRS also solicits feedback from families receiving early intervention services to ensure diverse input regarding programs, policies and the delivery of early intervention services (Adopted from Early Steps state website).
Early Steps Southernmost Coast employs two Family Resource Specialists to assist families in southern Miami-Dade County and the Keys.

In southern Miami-Dade:
Joan Holcomb
786-268-2639 or 786-268-2611

In Monroe County:
Dorothy Clever
Maryann Jackowski

At Early Steps Southernmost Coast, we encourage families to link with their FRS and to get involved. To learn more about the Family Resource Specialist and how to get involved, please read our quarterly newsletter, Taking It One Step At A Time, designed with Early Steps families in mind.        
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Hours of Operation

8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday