Radiation Therapy Services

Radiotherapy is an integral part of a multidisciplinary cancer treatment program. Radiation therapy can be given alone as a treatment. Radiation therapy services can also be combined with surgery or chemotherapy to enhance treatment.

The program is equipped with the only MRI-guided radiation delivery system in the east coast, five modern linear accelerators,  a Gamma Knife, CT simulation, and a high-dose rate brachytherapy unit to provide radiation treatment for children with cancer.

Proton Tomotherapy with the Miami Cancer Institute

The Nicklaus Children's Hospital Cancer & Blood Disorders Center offers proton tomotherapy radiation treatment for cancer through through our collaboration with the Miami Cancer Institute's Radiation Oncology Center. We offer state-of-the art radiation treatment with Radixact Tomotherapy from Accuracy and onsite CT simulation. 

Specialized Radiation Therapy Team

Our radiation therapy services are conducted by board certified radiation oncologists, medical physicists, board-certified radiation therapists, medical dosimetrists and other highly trained support staff.