Clinical Competency Committee (CCC)

In accordance with the ACGME requirements, each training program is expected to form a Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) to formally review each resident on a semiannual basis. The program director appoints the CCC. The CCC must have at least three program core faculty (excluding the program director) who have the opportunity to observe and evaluate the residents. The CCC meets semiannually to review and discuss each individual residents’ performance data and make a consensus decision on the progress of each resident by applying assessment data to the pediatric milestones. The CCC serves as an early warning system/early identification if a resident fails to progress in the educational program and make recommendations to the program director for resident progress including promotion, remediation, and dismissal. The program director or associate program director meets with each resident semi-annually to review the CCC report. To learn more about the CCC click here ->

Below are the faculty members who serve on the CCC committee (in addition to the Program Director and the Associate Program Directors) for the Pediatric Residency Program:

  • Haneen Abdella, MD
  • Melissa Clemente, MD
  • Metee Comkonruecha, MD
  • Hernan Cruz, MD
  • Magaly Diaz-Barbosa, MD
  • Veronica Etinger, MD
  • Marla Friedman-Cotzen, MD
  • Jason Katz, MD
  • Michael Leoncio, DO
  • David Lowe, MD
  • Juan Carlos Meneses Paz, MD
  • Marcos Mestre, MD
  • Luis Felipe Miranda, MD
  • Alisa Muniz-Crim, MD
  • Athena Pefkarou, MD
  • Amanda Porro, MD
  • Bala Totapally, MD