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Student Orientation Packages

Now that you’ve been placed and are about to begin your internship with us, you’ll need to finalize the process by completing the online student orientation form.

You must complete:

  1. The online student orientation 10 days prior to the start of your internship. 
  2. Attestation of Student screening signed by your school (This form needs to be scanned and uploaded to the online application form in .PDF or Microsoft Word format).
  3. Include a picture ID. The picture needs to be a passport photo in .JPG or .PNG file format no larger than 3 MB.

General Student Orientation

General Students

All students enrolled and majoring in non-patient contact fields of study. These include: Business Administration; Public Relations; Health Care Administration.

Clinical Students

Clinical Students

All students enrolled and majoring in Allied Health Fields and/or other healthcare fields.  These include:  Nursing practicum, Radiology; Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology; Paramedics; EMT, Psychology; Audiology; Pharmacy; Sonography; Histotechnology; Respiratory Techs;  Phlebotomy, etc.

Nursing Students

Nursing Students

All nursing students entering Nicklaus Children's Hospital through a program with their school. These include: Nursing Anesthesiology; RN, Nursing Practitioner; Nursing (BS, MS, Ph.D).


Printed version of Student Orientation Forms

Note: The printed version will need to be scanned, emailed or turned in personally to the Community & Volunteer Resources department. Please do not fax it in.

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