Vagal Nerve Stimulator Discharge Instructions

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About the Surgery

What is a Vagal Nerve Stimulator?

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Is an adjunctive treatment for epilepsy. An incision is made in the left side of the neck to expose the left vagal nerve. The VNS electrodes are wrapped around the nerve. A second incision is made in the chest wall, allowing the generator to be placed.

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Day of the Surgery

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  • Your surgical team will be with you every step of the way
  • You will be in the ICU after your surgery
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After the Surgery

Home Care

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Incision Care

  • Dressing is removed on post-operative day 2
  • Sutures are not typically used, you will see Dermabond (dissolvable glue) over incisions
  • Wash incision daily with mild shampoo/soap and water then pat dry (application of antibiotic ointment not necessary unless instructed by Neurosurgery team)
  • You may scrub incision lightly to help prevent scab formation
  • Do not use oils, lotions, or creams on incision
  • Do not scratch incision
  • No beach/pool ( 1st month after surgery) or  until cleared by provider
  • Avoid direct sunlight on incision


  • May not return to school  until cleared by neurosurgery
  • Keep activity level  back to normal or light until you are seen in clinic  

Pain control

  • You may alternate the following over the counter medications, which include:
    • Acetaminophen every 4 hours
    • Ibuprofen every 6 hours as needed (for infants over 6 months)

Follow-up Office Visit

  • You will be seen in Neurosurgery office approximately 14 days after leaving the hospital for physical evaluation and wound check
  • Follow up with neurology for management of VNS as indicated
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When to call the office

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  • Fever greater than 101.5°F oral or axillary (up to 1 month post-surgery)
  • Increased swelling, redness, and/or drainage around incision sites
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