Dressing Skills in Children Ages 12 Months to 7 Years

What to expect?

Each child develops differently at his/her own rate. This chart will serve as a guide and help you assist your child in the next step of dressing skills.



12-18 MONTHS

  • Lifts foot up for shoes
  • Pushes leg through pants
  • Pulls socks and shoes off
  • Removes hat

24-30 MONTHS

  • Gets undressed – needs help with fastening and sequencing
  • Helps pull up elastic waist pants
  • Unbuttons one large button

30-36 MONTHS

  • Attempts to put on socks
  • Puts on front button shirt (does not button shirt independently)


  • Minimal help to get dressed/undressed
  • Puts on shoes – may be incorrect feet
  • Minimal help to put on socks
  • Unzips/zips non-separating zipper
  • Buttons large buttons
  • Fastens snaps
  • Unbuckles belts


  • Buckles belts
  • Connects two parts of zipper and zips up
  • Puts on socks independently
  • Minimal assistance needed to put on shoes
  • Understands front/back of clothing


  • Dresses self independently
  • Ties shoes independently

MAKE IT FUN! If you have questions or concerns please reach out to your child’s occupational therapist.

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Each child develops differently at his/her own rate. This video will serve as a guide. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s occupational therapist.