Incision Care Instructions Discharge Instructions

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Care at Home

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Incision Care

  • Wash incision daily with shampoo and water ( application of antibiotic ointment not necessary unless instructed by Neurosurgery team)
  • You may scrub incision lightly to help prevent scab formation
  • No beach/pool (1st month after surgery) or  until cleared by Neurosurgery
  • Avoid direct sunlight on incision ( May wear a cap or hat to go outside)
  • Do not scratch incision.

Follow-up Office Visit

  • You will be seen in Neurosurgery office approximately 10-14 days after leaving the hospital for symptom evaluation and suture removal, if sutures are not dissolvable 
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When to call the office

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  • Fever greater than 101.5°F oral or axillary
  • Increased swelling, redness, or oozing from incision area
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