Tendon Laceration

Also known as: flexor tendon laceration, extensor tendon laceration, tendon injury.

What is tendon laceration?

Tendon lacerations are an injury to the tendon that most commonly impacts the flexor and extensor tendons of the hand. A cut due to a knife or glass is the most common cause of these types of injuries.

What causes tendon laceration?

Injuries from kitchen accidents, sports injuries, falls and power tools are common causes of tendon lacerations.

What are the symptoms of tendon laceration?

Inability to actively flex or extend the fingers or hand is a sign of a tendon laceration. There may also be bleeding, pain, and numbness/loss of sensation, as the surrounding blood vessels and nerves may be injured too.

What are tendon laceration care options?

Tendon lacerations typically require surgical repair. The best results are usually seen in patients treated within 2 weeks of the original injury. Until surgery is performed, elevation of the affected hand, splinting the affected fingers and hand, and pain-relieving medications can help prior to treatment of the injury.

Reviewed by: Aaron J. Berger

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