Menstrual Reproductive Disorder

Also known as: Menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, amenorrhea, cramps, heavy/light/infrequent menstrual bleeding, oligomenorrhea.

What is menstrual reproductive disorder?

Menstrual reproductive disorder is a term that can be used to refer to the broad range of conditions related to the menstrual cycle. These might include pain (dysmenorrhea), cramping, heavy bleeding (menorrhagia), absence of menstruation (amenorrhea), light/infrequent/irregular menstruation (oligomenorrhea) and other problems.

What causes menstrual reproductive disorder? 

Hormonal imbalances are the primary cause of menstrual reproductive disorders. (Please see “Menstrual irregularities”). However underlying medical conditions, certain medications or structural abnormalities of the reproductive system can also cause issues.

What are the symptoms of menstrual reproductive disorder? 

Symptoms vary based on the type of disorder that is present. (Please see “ Menstrual Irregularities”). Symptoms might include premenstrual changes (PMS), mood swings, irritability, pain (cramps and lower back pain), headache, fatigue, irregular infrequent or absent menstrual periods, light bleeding, or heavy bleeding.

What are menstrual reproductive disorder care options?

Treatments depend on the underlying cause (please see “ Menstrual Irregularities”). Birth control pills or other hormonal treatments can help to regulate menstrual periods. Over-the-counter pain medication can be helpful. In certain cases, surgery may address the underlying condition.

Reviewed by: Jack Wolfsdorf, MD, FAAP

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