Lymphatic Malformations

Also known as: lymphatic vascular malformations, LM

What are lymphatic malformations?

When a large cluster of abnormal blood vessels develops in a baby and fills up with clear fluid, the condition is known as a lymphatic malformation. It can cause an alarming physical appearance in your baby and other symptoms, but treatments are available.

What causes lymphatic malformations?

Lymphatic malformation appears to be due to a mutation in the baby’s genes.

What are the symptoms of lymphatic malformations?

The main symptom is the large, swollen bulge caused by the malformation, which often occurs on the neck and face. It can also lead to fluid leaking, bleeding, infection, pain, heart and lung problems and breathing and eating problems.

What are lymphatic malformations care options?

Common treatments for lymphatic malformations include sclerotherapy, a procedure that blocks unneeded blood vessels. Standard surgery or laser surgery can also be used to remove portions of the lymphatic malformation.

Reviewed by: Anthony F. Rossi, MD

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