Also known as: glomus tumors, glomus cell tumors.

What are glomangiomas?

Glomus bodies are a blood component that help regulate the temperature of the skin. If glomus bodies collect together, they form painful clusters that are visible beneath the skin known as glomangiomas.

What causes glomangiomas?

In most cases, the cause of glomangiomas are unknown. However, some may have a genetic component as they can be passed along from parents to their children.

What are the symptoms of glomangiomas?

The clusters of glomus bodies typical of glomangiomas are blue or purple and visible underneath the skin. They can also become painful and are very sensitive to touch or pressure.

What are glomangiomas care options?

Surgical removal of glomangiomas is the most effective treatment option.

Reviewed by: Ana Margarita Duarte, MD

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