Cleft Hand

Also known as: ectrodactyly.

What is cleft hand?

A cleft hand is a hand deformity that is present at birth. Also known as ectrodactyly, it involves missing fingers and, sometimes, a V-shaped opening in the hand, among other abnormalities.

What causes cleft hand?

Cleft hand is thought to be due to genetic mutation, but the exact cause is not always clear.

What are the symptoms of cleft hand?

The abnormalities of the hand are the primary symptoms of the disorder. There is usually not pain associated with these deformities. The deformity may be aesthetically displeasing, and, there may be functional limitations, especially if the first (thumb-index) webspace is involved.

What are cleft hand care options?

If the problems are minor, no treatment may be needed. In more severe instances, surgery may be required to improve the appearance and function of the affected hand.

Reviewed by: Aaron J Berger, MD

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