Bone Tumors and Cysts

Also known as: There are a large number of bone tumors, fibrous lesions, and cystic tumors all with different names. Our specialist pediatricians will identify the particular one affecting your child.

What are bone tumors and cysts?

Bone tumors and cysts are abnormal growths that can occur in the bones. Many of them are not cancerous (some are cancerous that start in bone, other bone cancers may have spread from other parts of the body).

Non-cancerous bone tumors can grow aggressively and cause complications that need to be addressed.

What causes bone tumors and cysts?

Non-cancerous bone tumors usually occur in children who are still growing. The cause is unknown, however in many cases, hormones that cause growth strongly affect the tumor.

What are the symptoms of bone tumors and cysts?

There may be none or local ache/pain, and a visible lump or growth on the skin may be early signs; sometimes a bone fracture may be the only presenting symptom.

What are bone tumors and cysts care options?

Depending on the diagnosis of the tumor/cyst, treatments can range from no treatment and ongoing observation to requiring surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

Reviewed by: Jack Wolfsdorf, MD, FAAP

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