Burns of the Arm and Hand

Also known as: arm burns, hand burns, thermal injury, chemical burn.

What are burns of the arm and hand?

The arms and hands are frequent areas for burn injuries to occur. Burns of the arm and hand can vary widely in severity depending on the specific nature of the injury.

What causes burns of the arm and hand?

Burns can be caused by sources of heat, such as stoves, ovens, or open flames, as well as other causes, such as chemical burns.

What are the symptoms of burns of the arm and hand?

Burns usually cause pain and the skin damaged by burns changes appearance. Superficial burns usually only cause redness. Deep burns cause blisters and more severe, deeper burns include white, leathery skin.

What are burns of the arm and hand care options?

Minor burns can be treated with pain relievers and keeping the wound clean and dry. Topical antibiotics can also help with healing. More severe—deep—burns may require surgery with skin grafting. When burns involve a significant body surface area, hospitalization may be required. Deep burns that cross joints require specialized splinting and therapy to prevent permanent joint contractures.

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