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Questions to ask your doctor


Ever been to the doctor and then realized you forgot to ask some of your questions? Most of us can relate to that! Sometimes, you're hit with so much information at the doctor that it's too much to absorb all at once. This sheet can help you get the most from your visit if you print it and bring it with you. The first questions are for you to prepare beforehand, so you can give your doctor well thought-out information about your history with allergies.


  1. What are your allergy symptoms? (List all.)
  2. How long ago did your symptoms start?
  3. Do your symptoms happen throughout the year or just during certain months?
  4. What do you think causes your symptoms?

Drugs you've taken

  1. What prescription drugs are you taking (or have taken in the past)?
  2. What over-the-counter drugs are you taking (or taken in the past)?
  3. What vitamins or herbal supplements are you taking?
  4. Has anything helped?
  5. Are you allergic to any drugs?

Allergy history

  1. What allergies have you been treated for in the past? (e.g., pollen, mold, dust, food, animal dander)
  2. Have you ever been hospitalized for an allergy (including emergency room treatment)?

Questions about any medication your doctor prescribes

  1. What is the name of the drug your doctor gave you?
  2. What symptoms is the drug supposed to relieve? (Why are you taking it?)
  3. What is the dosage for the drug? (How much should you take?)
  4. How often and when should you take the drug? (i.e., twice a day, before bed, with food, etc.)
  5. How long do you take the drug? (i.e., two weeks, until the medication is used up, etc.)
  6. What are the possible side effects of the drug?
  7. List any additional comments you want to remember about the drug.