Intraoperative MRI (iMRI)

Also known as: iMRI, intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging

What is an iMRI?

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital offers an intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) system to support its renowned Brain Institute in providing treatment of children requiring surgery for brain tumors or medically resistant epilepsy. The hospital became the first pediatric facility in Florida to offer this leading-edge equipment. It brings MRI technology – recognized as the “gold standard” in differentiating between healthy and abnormal brain tissue—directly into the surgical suite to enhance surgical effectiveness and safety.

Benefits of the iMRI

The iMRI supports the hospital’s neurosurgeons in maximizing resection of abnormal brain tissue. Studies demonstrate that use of an iMRI improves safety and effectiveness of surgery, offering the best possible neurosurgical results in the hands of an experienced surgical team.

Functionality of the iMRI

The iMRI (the IMRIS Surgical Theatre) is attached to a ceiling-mounted track system that brings the MRI directly to the child in the surgical suite, as needed. The high-resolution magnetic resonance images provide surgeons with a view of the affected area in real-time to determine if the targeted area is thoroughly treated or if surgical plans need to be adjusted before procedure completion.

When not in use, the iMRI is housed in a separate imaging suite, where it can be used for MRI procedures for hospital inpatients requiring post-anesthesia monitoring. The iMRI is integrated with the hospital’s Brainlab Cranial neuro-navigation application in the operating suite. This technology provides surgeons with “GPS-like guidance” within the brain.

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