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Preventive Measures to Control the Spread of Influenza (Flu)

  1. Hand Hygiene:
    Wash hands or use alcohol hand solutions after being in public or after contact with anyone with a cold or flu. Make it a habit to frequently wash hands with soap and water
  2. Cough Etiquette:
    Turn head and cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and promptly dispose of the used tissue; or cough into the inside of the elbow if a tissue is not available
  3. Don't expose young children or immunosuppressed children unnecessarily to large crowds when influenza is in your community
  4. Avoid close contact (holding, kissing) between infants and anyone who has a cold or flu
  5. Stay home from work or school if you have influenza (fever, muscle aches, cough)
  6. Do not share anything that goes into the mouth such as drinking cups and straws
  7. Frequently clean commonly touched surfaces (door knob, refrigerator handle, phone, water faucets) if someone in the house has a cold or flu
  8. It is best to avoid smoking around children.


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