About Ginevra Janus

Ginevra Bianchini Janus has been a pediatric dietitian for over 14 years. She graduated from the coordinated program of human nutrition and dietetics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.). Ginevra holds two board certifications. One as a specialist in pediatric nutrition and the other as a certified nutrition support clinician.

Ginevra has provided care to a variety of patients and conditions over the years including gastroenterology, intestinal rehabilitation, liver disease and liver transplant, oncology/bone marrow transplant, cardiology, neonatal intensive care and has specialized in nutrition support (parenteral and enteral nutrition). She is currently leading the wonderful Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Clinical Nutrition team as their supervisor, empowering them to provide amazing patient care. Saving lives through nutrition!

Visit her website: Nicklaus Children's Hospital Clinical Nutrition

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