Pediatric Nuclear Medicine

The Department of Radiology has two gamma cameras dedicated to pediatric applications. One camera is a triple headed gamma camera which has specific neuroimaging and tumor imaging capabilities not utilized anywhere else in Miami for pediatric patients. This includes ictal SPECT imaging for delineation of epileptogenic foci with a dedicated neurological unit and video EEG monitoring.

Using oncologic agents such as I123 MIBG (which seeks out neuroendocrine tumors), Nicklaus Children's Hospital is the only free-standing, non-University hospital offering this nuclear scan and the only site south of Boston.

All nuclear scans require an advance appointment. Instructions are given at that time for the individualized specific preparation for your child. Pediatric Nuclear Medicine studies offered here include:

  • Brain and CSF studies
  • Thyroid studies
  • Pulmonary studies
  • Cardiovascular studies
  • Gastrointestinal studies
  • Splenic scintigraphy
  • Genitourinary studies
  • Skeletal scintigraphy
  • Scintigraphy of infection
  • Tumor scintigraphy
  • Lymphoscintigraphy
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