Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborating and partnering with your pediatrician

While in the hospital your child will be under the direct care of a pediatric hospitalist.  They will work in concert with your physician in managing your child’s illness during their hospital stay.  When your child is discharged form the hospital, a discharge summary will be submitted to your child’s Primary Physician to be kept as part of his/her medical record. 

What is a pediatric hospitalist?

Pediatric hospitalists are board certified pediatricians who specialize in the care of hospitalized children.  They support the referring Primary Care Physicians in delivering optimal and quality care to children admitted to the hospital.

What can I expect from the hospitalists?

During admission:

During the first few hours in the hospital, a pediatric hospitalist will meet with the family, examine your child and set the plan of care.

During the hospitalization:

The hospitalist will visit your child daily to assess his/her progress and adjust the plan of care as needed.  With the family’s consent, daily Patient and Family Centered Care Rounds will be performed. The attending hospitalist supervises medical students and pediatric residents who are members of our healthcare team.

At discharge:

The hospitalist will direct the process of providing the care givers clear and understandable discharge instructions. It is important that all written and verbal instructions provided at the time of discharge are well understood. Please contact your hospitalist should you have any questions relative to the discharge instructions.

How can I contact the hospitalist?

Your pediatric hospitalist is available during working hours. After hours a member of the hospitalist team is always available and can be contacted through the assistance of your nurse or via phone. 

To reach the on-call hospitalist 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  1. Just call 305-668-5500, Option 1.
  2. Tell the operator you wish to reach the on-call hospitalist.
  3. If the doctor is available you will be able to speak with him or her right away.
  4. If the doctor cannot speak with you at that moment, he or she will return your call at the first opportunity.