Family Resources

Having a child with complex heart disease can be stressful for the entire family. There is support available for families, children and young adults.

Self Care for Parents and Caregivers

One of the best ways a parent or caregiver can support is a child’s development is to take care of yourself as well

  • Get plenty of rest and sleep when you are able to 
  • Eat a healthy, well balanced diet and drink lots of water 
  • Try to get some physical activity every day (go for a walk, exercise, yoga)
  • Spend some time with positive support people in your life
  • Journal about your experiences 

Resources for Hospitalized Families

  • Cardiac Social Worker: Denisse Valor, LCSW             
  • Child Life Specialist: Becky Pickard, M.S., CLSS 
  • Cardiac Psychologist: Dr. Silvia Sommers, PysD
  • Chaplin/Pastor (Family Centered Care Services)

Online Resources

Counseling Services

Catholic Charities 
  • Provides family and individual counseling.  Locations in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Myers area.  
Jewish Community Services of South Florida
  • Provides counseling services and psychoeducational testing.  Services available in English, Spanish, and Creole.