QI Coaches

QI Coaches are Physicians nominated by their Division/Specialty to be the "Go-To" person as Project Leaders are designing their QI projects and preparing their applications for submission for MOC part 4 Approval. QI Coaches are trained coaches to fulfill their roles.

Roles and Responsibilities of the QI Coaches

  1. Attend QI Coaches training sessions
  2. Keep up to date on all updates from the MOC Part 4 Portfolio Sponsor Program
  3. Be familiar with the Postfolio Sponsor Process
  4. Act as a "coach" or mentor for Project Leaders within their own Division/ Specialty to ensure successful application submission process and provide continued mentorship for ongoing and approved projects

QI Coaches Nominated by their Division/Specialty

Division/Specialty QI Coach(es) 
Adolescent Medicine Metee Comkornruecha, MD
Gastroenterology Alisa Muniz-Crim,MD
General Pediatrics Jose Rosa-Olivares, MD
Amanda Porro, MD
Gloria Riefkohl, MD
Hospitalist Veronica Etinger, MD
Melissa Clemente, MD
Claudette Gonzalez, MD
Neonatology Adolfo Llanos, MD
Neurology Ian Miller, MD
Pediatric Critical Care Fernando Beltramo, MD