Approved Projects

Approved Projects for Physicians with a Relationship with Nicklaus Children's Hospital


The following projects are currently approved for ABP Part 4 MOC Credit through the Portfolio Sponsorship Program. 
Unless otherwise stated, these projects are only available to physicians with a relationship to Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Project Title: Severe Sepsis Bundle Implementation at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
Project Approval Date:
November 14; 2015
Project Description: 

Sepsis is a dangerous systemic infection that often leads to poor patient outcomes, including mortality. Severe sepsis is a significant problem among acutely ill children. A bundle for recognition, initiation and continuation of treatment of severe sepsis based on national guidelines has been created at Nicklaus Children's Hospital but not yet implemented. The goal of the project is to Implement severe sepsis bundle at Nicklaus Children's Hospital thereby improve sepsis-related outcomes.
To participate, Contact the Project Leader; Dr. Bala Totapally

Project Title: 
Improvement in the Safe and Efficient Management of Acute Scrotal/Testicular Pain

Project Approval Date: June 22; 2016

Project Description:

Delays in the definitive diagnosis of testicular torsion can lead to poor outcomes and loss of function. All members of the Emergency Department team may not recognize the acute and emergent nature of this condition. Baseline data indicate that there is room for improvement in the time from presentation to the ED until final U/S read and report. The goal of this project is to improve the time required between presentation to Nicklaus Children's Hospital ED and the time of definitive diagnosis for patients presenting with acute scrotal pain to rule out testicular torsion. An institutional standard pathway is created and the project will aim at increasing adherence to the standard pathway.
To participate, Contact the Project Leader; Dr. Jefry Biehler

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