Administrative Fellowship FAQ

Upon review of the following FAQs, if you are unable to find the information and answers you were looking for, please feel free to contact the current fellows.

Can I apply for the Nicklaus Children's Health System Administrative fellowship on NAFCAS? 

Yes, applicants can now apply for our fellowship on the National Administrative fellowship Centralized Application Service (NAFCAS) website. Individual applications can still be submitted through the process outlined under the Application Requirements tab, if applicants choose not to utilize NAFCAS.

When are the application materials due?

September 27, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

What documents should I submit for consideration of the 2025-2026 fellowship program?

Updated resume, official graduate school transcripts (from all institutions attended), completed Nicklaus Children’s Health System fellowship Application (including Personal Statement), and and 3 letters of recommendation (1 professional, 1 academic, & 1 academic or professional). All materials should be submitted as a consolidated PDF, letters of recommendation should be sent separately from recommendation writers.

When will the 2025-2026 fellows be selected?

Early November 2024 is when the selected fellows and all other applicants will be notified of a decision.

How long is the administrative fellowship and when is the start date?

One year (12 months) beginning in June or July (negotiable).

How many fellows are selected each year?


Can the current fellows be contacted with further questions about the application/fellowship experience to date?

Absolutely. Comments and questions are most welcome. You can reach the current fellows via email at

How long has the Nicklaus Children’s fellowship Program existed?

The fellowship program has existed for over 12 years.

Can the administrative fellowship program substitute as the administrative residency requirement for my university’s degree program?

Yes, it can serve as a substitute for university required administrative residencies.

Does the administrative fellowship choose students from any university?

Nicklaus Children’s has a strong preference for choosing qualifying applicants from a CAHME-accredited graduate program, but applicants from non-CAHME-accredited programs will also be considered.

Will applicants to the program be notified of the status of their final application?

Yes, all applicants who are no longer considered for the fellowship program will be notified in writing on a timely basis.

Will the fellows have the opportunity to attend senior leadership meetings?

Yes. The fellows will have many opportunities to attend a diverse range of meetings throughout the organization, including but not limited to Executive Leadership Team (ELT) meetings, Board of Directors meetings, finance and investment committees, technology committees, physician advisory councils, chiefs and heads (medical executive meetings), and health system strategic planning meetings.

Are rotations preselected or based on the interest of the fellows?

The fellows must rotate through core departments, which include Finance, Clinical Service Lines, Information Technology, and Hospital Operations areas. In addition to these rotations, the fellows will have full opportunity to select specific areas of interest for rotation.

What facilities are owned/operated by Nicklaus Children's Health System?

Please visit our Locations page for a full list of facilities.

Where will the fellows be based?

The fellows will be based at the Main Campus (Miami, FL) but there will be sufficient opportunity to assist at each of the health system’s entities.

Is there a requirement that the fellows accept a position after completing the fellowship?


Is there any obligation for Nicklaus Children’s to hire the fellows upon completion of the fellowship program?


Is there a requirement that the fellows be bilingual in English and Spanish?

No. However, fluent or at least conversational Spanish will be helpful in your interaction with the culture of Miami.