Ulnar Club Hand

Also known as: ulnar clubhand, radial dysplasia.

What is ulnar club hand?

Ulnar club hand is a condition in which a child’s wrist is bent in the direction of the pinky finger.  It’s a congenital difference that is present at birth.

What causes ulnar club hand?

The cause of ulnar club hand is not entirely clear. It develops in the womb early on.

What are the symptoms of ulnar club hand?

Symptoms of ulnar club hand can range from a mild tilt of the wrist to a severe deformity in which the wrist is bent severely and the hand is malformed and possibly missing fingers. The ulna can also be absent in some cases.

What are ulnar club hand care options?

Some cases of ulnar club hand can be resolved with stretching exercises and splinting or casting to correct the position of the hand. The splint may need to be worn for a few years to resolve the problems. Other cases of ulnar club hand may require surgical treatment.

Reviewed by: Aaron J Berger, MD

This page was last updated on: June 27, 2022 03:25 PM

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