Stahl's Ear

Also known as: Stahl ear deformity, Spock ear.

What is Stahl's ear?

Stahl’s ear refers to an ear that is pointy and has an extra fold of cartilage in the middle portion. It is a defect that babies are born with.

What causes Stahl's ear?

The extra fold of cartilage, or crus, causes the ear to take an abnormal form. But the exact reason that this occurs is unclear.

What are the symptoms of Stahl's ear?

Other than the physical appearance of the ear, there are no other symptoms associated with Stahl's ear. Affected children usually have normal hearing.

What are Stahl's ear care options?

If Stahl's ear is treated very early in life (first 8 weeks of life), it can be corrected with the use of a mold that the patient wears for a couple of months. In older children, molding is not as effective. Surgical correction of a Stahl’s ear deformity is then required. This is typically performed when the child is around 7-10 years old.

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