Ear Deformity in Newborns

Also known as: ear deformities, ear malformations.

What is ear deformity in newborns?

If a child is born with an ear that is not formed properly, this is known as an ear deformity (or ear malformation) in newborns. They can range widely in nature and severity.

What causes ear deformity in newborns?

Most ear deformities are isolated and can be the result of how the child is positioned within the womb leading.  There typically is not a problem with hearing. However, some ear deformities in newborns are the result of a genetic mutation. The ear deformity may be just one of several symptoms that are present.

What are the symptoms of ear deformity in newborns?

Symptoms of ear deformities can range from mild shape abnormalities to complete absence for the ear (microtia).  In syndromic cases, there may also be jaw or other facial skeletal issues and asymmetry,

What are ear deformity in newborns care options?

In some cases, the deformity will resolve on its own over time. However, the most definitive way to correct many of the milder deformities is with ear molding.  This technique can be used to correct the shape of the ear without surgery. It is critical though that this is done within the first few weeks of life. Ear molding after the few weeks of life may not be effective.  In more severe cases, surgical intervention will be required to repair the ear deformity

Reviewed by: Chad A Perlyn, MD

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