Protruding Ears

Also known as: prominent ears.

What are protruding ears?

If the ears stick out 2 centimeters from the side of the head or more, they are known as protruding ears. They usually don’t cause any other symptoms other than the unusual physical appearance of the ears.

What causes protruding ears?

Protruding ears occur when a portion of the ear known as the antihelical fold does not form correctly or when the concha (concave part of the ear) is too deep. This makes the ears stick out more than normal.

What are the symptoms of protruding ears?

Children may have self-consciousness related to protruding ears. Other than that, there are no other symptoms related to the condition.

What are protruding ears care options?

Protruding ears can be corrected with molding that gradually reshapes the ears over time. This is only efficient when started in the first few weeks of life. Surgery is another option for correcting protruding ears. This is typically done when the child is 7-10 years of age.

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