Migraine with Aura

Also known as: migraine

What is migraine with aura?

Migraine is a common and often disabling headache disorder. Migraine is classified as either with aura or without aura. Migraine with aura indicates a transient focal neurologic symptom, such as a visual disturbance or tingling sensation, which can occur more commonly before but sometimes during a migraine.

What causes migraine with aura?

It’s unclear why some people are prone to migraines while others are not, but there appears to be a genetic component to the disease. Migraines with aura can have a number of triggers, including stress, lack of sleep, changes in routine, caffeine, food, the environment, computer screens and many others.

What are the symptoms of migraine with aura?

A migraine with aura may begin with premonitory symptoms such as fatigue, yawning, sensitivity to light, mood changes and other symptoms. Classically, the aura then occurs, prior to head pain starting, although for some patients it starts during the headache. Headache then begins and the aura often will go away. The pain can last for several hours and in some cases longer, and be accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound or odors and nausea and vomiting.

What are migraine with aura care options?

There is no cure for migraine, but headache frequency and severity can be modified by preventive and acute measures. This may include both preventive medication to decrease headache frequency and acute medication to treat headaches that arise. Daily healthy lifestyle habits are important as well.

Other treatments for migraines include biofeedback, cognitive behavior therapy, procedures, and addressing comorbidities such as depression, anxiety and others.

Reviewed by: Dr. Suzanne Hagler

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