Also known as: pilomatricoma.

What is pilomatrixoma?

A non-cancerous tumor that affects a hair follicle is known as pilomatrixoma. These usually affect the hair on the head or neck but can occur elsewhere on the body, as well.

What causes pilomatrixoma?

Pilomatrixoma appears to be caused by a genetic mutation. It does not seem to run in families. In Children with less than three lesions, no further work-up is needed.  Children with more than 3 lesions should have a genetic evaluation.


What are the symptoms of pilomatrixoma?

The primary symptom of pilomatrixoma is the presence of a hard lump beneath the skin. It can also push the hair shaft upward so it is present above the surface of the skin. Usually no other symptoms are present.  


What are pilomatrixoma care options?

The tumors related to pilomatrixoma can be removed surgically. They usually do not grow back.

Reviewed by: Chad A Perlyn, MD

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