LEAN at Nicklaus Children's

Healthcare organizations have evolved into complex structures with three purposes; Treatment, Operations and Financial Management and today they are under extreme pressure to improve the health of their patients and their bottom line. It has become essential for the Healthcare industry to adapt practice that improve operational efficiency and create a culture of continuous improvement. 

Nicklaus Children's Hospital, has always been dedicated to continuous improvement and in 2008 our CEO and other hospital executives invested in training a select group of employees on Lean methodology and attained significant results.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital has received four Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Awards, more than any other organization for our success in embracing Lean as an organizational priority. In 2010 Nicklaus Children's Hospital created the Project management office, since its inception all initiatives are led by Nicklaus Children's Hospital staff. The administrations vision was to embed Lean into our culture.

Today, “Lean is the way we do, everything we do”.

To this day Nicklaus Children's Hospital enjoys a sound balance sheet, rising customer satisfaction ratings and powerful position in the highly competitive South Florida marketplace. 


LEAN Education

We offer a number of training courses for all levels of staff.  This includes a 3 Hour Course, Management Courses focused on specific lean tools, senior leadership training, and Facilitator Courses.

Embedding and Sustainment

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is focused on the embedding and sustainment of Lean.  Therefore, Lean is a component of every Manager’s and Director’s Performance Evaluations.  Additionally, the status of Lean is periodically reported throughout the organization. 

National Awards & Recognitions

Awards & Recognition ImageNicklaus Children's Hospita, has had the opportunity to present at a number of conferences: NACHRI, ASQ, CHCA, and Global Six Sigma Business Improvement Awards.

We have also been published: Nicklaus Children's Hospital was featured in the June 2010 Advance for Nursing for “Positive Changes: Enhancing Safety using Lean Methodology in Critical Care and Emergency Departments”

Additionally, Nicklaus Children's Hospital has been named the 3rd Top Training Organization by Training Magazine. 
We have provided other organizations with tours and training.  Some attendees include Major General Frank J. Padilla and a group of approximately 40 airmen and women, 2011 ISIXSIGMA Summit and Awards Conference attendees, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and the Miami – Dade County Department of Health.