Child and Adolescent Specialized Assessments

A Journey to Discover How Your Child Learns Best

The Child and Adolescent Specialized Assessment Program offers fee-based psychoeducational assessment services for children and adolescents.

Elementary school teacher testing young girl
Elementary school teacher testing young girl

When a child or adolescent is struggling within the learning environment (reading, writing and math), parents are eager for answers to help their student maximize their ability to learn and succeed in school.

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Psychoeducational/psychological assessments provide information to help parents, teachers, and other professionals in the child’s life gain an understanding of their individual abilities, as well as other factors that may impede learning. The assessments will not only identify learning issues, but also social, behavioral, and emotional factors that can affect performance in the classroom. 

What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?  

Psychoeducational/psychological assessments are comprehensive evaluations of individual intellectual and academic abilities. Assessments are administered by a licensed psychologist, and usually take several hours to complete. The child’s developmental, medical, psychiatric, behavioral, emotional and social history are also an important part of the evaluation.

Child and Adolescent Specialized Assessment Program 

The Child and Adolescent Specialized Assessment (CASA) Program, a service of Nicklaus Children’s Pediatric Specialists, offers psychoeducational assessments in a relaxed setting that puts the youngster at ease. Depending on individual needs, sessions take place over several days at times that work best for the family. 

Our lead testing psychologist is renowned nationally and internationally in psychoeducational testing and helping families find a path forward to support their child’s educational development. 

How the CASA Program Can Help Your Child 

Following testing, families are provided a comprehensive written report, which includes findings and recommendations to support the well-being of the child. The comprehensive report can be shared with relevant physicians (primary care, neurologist, etc.), tutors, teachers and school leaders to identify ways to create the best possible learning environment to help students reach their potential. Often, specific accommodations and remediation are recommended.

Conditions We Treat

Testing can identify a range of findings related to a student’s performance, including neurodevelopmental delays that may affect performance, social-pragmatic concerns, dysgraphia, and:

Who is a Candidate for the Program?

Many schools and school systems offer this service without charge. Given lengthy waits associated with some school-based services, some parents prefer to have testing performed in a private, clinical setting.

  • Adolescents: Adolescents who are falling behind or struggling within the classroom are candidates for psychoeducational /psychological testing. Testing helps identify whether there are emotional, social and/or behavioral concerns that may be affecting a teenager’s learning. 
  • School-age children: Children who are falling behind or struggling within the classroom are also candidates for psychoeducational/psychological testing. Testing will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, their learning style and if any areas are delayed when compared to peers of the same age. 
  • Younger children: Comprehensive developmental evaluations are available to help assess children of preschool age or younger. Evaluations can assist in identifying therapies to support development. 

Is Testing for Gifted Programs Available? 

The CASA program also offers testing to assess eligibility for school-based programs for the academically gifted. This involves testing to determine the child’s aptitude and academic achievement around core skills. While schools typically offer gifted program eligibility testing for students referred by a teacher, some families prefer the more relaxed setting that a private testing program can offer.

Are Program Services Covered by Insurance?

Many private insurance plans do not cover psychoeducational/psychological assessments. Please check with your provider to learn more. The CASA program offers psychoeducational testing and assessment provided by highly trained and experienced clinicians. Fees are competitive or lower than many providers in the community. 


The CASA program offers fee-based services to support the need for timely psychoeducational/psychological assessments of children within the South Florida community. Payments are due at the time of the visit. We can provide families with an itemized bill to present to their insurance company, if it covers the testing.

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